A Simple thought on your bob

Test, Test and Retest!

Guys I am going to start off with a few general questions. The purpose of these questions is to get you thinking about real life situations and if you and your preps can handle it.
We all, yes even I have been softened by the life style in which we currently live. It is time to start evaluating how ready we really are. This will help you when the time comes to survive! Knowing that you can do whatever you need to is absolutely important for your prepping. Your family and your life depend on your preps working when they need to!
My 1st question is have you field tested you preps?
This is something you must do. I can’t tell you how many times I have bought something, thinking oh this will work great for keeping me warm or help me with this or that. Only to get it in the field and it completely falls apart right when I need it to work. Please be aware of your equipment and its real functionality. Test, test and retest, toss it is the mud put it in the sand and water. Beat the crap out of it with a stick whatever you need to do, just make sure your equipment passes your testing (tip: plan your testing to go beyond normal use). I know it sounds like a caddy shack moment but go caddy shack on it. You want to know you can count on your equipment when you need it most.
Since I have pushed my testing levels past normal use, I have blown a motor on a Cadillac that I was going to buy during the test drive. Needless to say that I did not buy it, testing beyond normal use will save you money and headaches. Pushing the caddy hard on the highway saved me 10k for the car + repairs within 30-90 days! That is a ton of silver saved and stacked!
Next when was the last time you tasted the food you are storing?
I was at a local super store and while we were doing our normal shopping I ran across the 1month emergency food kit for the family. When I saw the price I grabbed the bucket and tossed it the cart! Yep I thought cool 12 more of these and I am ready for anything! They are lite and easily storable I am the smartest cheap skate prepper in the world!
So I get it home and the wife and I are talking about prepping and how cool it is to get the great prepper buy of the year! Well, here comes my Daughter and her questions. Hey Dad what is this? Dad how healthy is this? Dad how does it taste? Dad, Dad, Dad….. Okay good God kid lets open it up to see what there is and we will have a meal from the prep. Sometimes I wish she had a mute button, but alas she does not and I am happy for that….now!
We break out the Cheesy Rice and Broccoli. The wife gets some water on the stove; all the while we are laughing and having a fun time digging into the kit to see what is all there. (it was kinda like Christmas day opening a surprise gift. Our stomachs start to ache and the hunger kicks in when we smell of the food aroma floating in the air. That’s when it hits me the day dream vision of us sitting around in a shtf situation and waiting to eat after a stress full day and being exhausted from cutting wood for the fuel needed to stay warm on a snowy night. With the right imagination your mind can provide a real adventure!
So it’s time to eat and relax right? Well not really, the kit we bought was soy based and OMG did it taste like moldy nasty bread with a powder coating of cardboard. Back to reality this will not work for long term survival. No matter how hungry you are this stuff was the worst. My dogs would not even eat it. So my point is please taste test your preps. If you need to spend a little extra to get food that will taste good enough to eat long term it will be worth the cost!
My last question for today is when was the last time you roughed it in a strange place?
Being a hunter and wanting to be a survivalist I get out at least once a month to get away from the city and relax. There is nothing else more relaxing than being on the continental divide, at a lake and looking at the natural beauty of the endless Mountain Tops. Time slows down and you find yourself in awe of your surroundings, but you also realize real quickly how hard a night out in the open can be. The weather can change in ten minutes from a Sunny warm day to a day of wind burn along with wet and cold shivers through the night if you are not ready for it! This happens a lot to hikers in Colorado. They get use to the seemingly harmless hot days and warm summer nights. They forget to pack a poncho, heavy clothes and a sleeping bag in their day bag. When their guard is down a storm rolls in out of nowhere and they are stuck in the hills with shorts, tank top and a lite backpack. This is the beginning of a nasty night out in the cold! Some dig in and survive, some end up with hypothermia or worse a life ending event!
If you are aware you can prepare! A little tip of the hat to Chris!
I suggest that you take a night and camp outside. This does not and in my advice mean get your gear out and sleep in the middle of some forest. Heck if you don’t get out a lot just use you backyard or deck if you have one. Baby steps, get use to the night air and what it will take on the mental side to sleep in the open air or during a storm! Once you have done this you will know that you can make it through the night! That is a feather in your cap! As you get use to roughing it, push yourself a little further as you become more accustom to it! Eventually as your skills grow you will find yourself in the hills getting through a night with ease!
Okay I hope this helps, I will be writing more soon! Keep it Safe!
Test yourself, Test your equipment and retest!
Big Country

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