A Thought on the coming storm

How could we let the elite drive this nation into a thriving toxic pool of corruption, Narcissism, Arrogance and Brutality? How could we as individuals ignore all these signs? We have been asleep at the wheel! Thank you to those that are the old wise men and women out there that rang the bell to raise us from our slumber! It’s time to take control of the wheel and prepare for the unseen coming our way!

We all have seen the slow building of bursts of anger and Brutality for years now. 5-10 years ago it would be a family member hurting loved ones with unleashed evil once in a year or so. Then it was Kids snapping at school, maybe a postman or employee going nuts once every month or 2. Now we see what true evil is and how dark the world is getting. We now have mass shootings, beheading’s on the border, pressure cooker riots, secret orders (not congress approved) to attack other countries by the President and Husbands Killing their suffering wives in hospitals.

These events are happening faster and faster in a more diabolical fashion. It is almost like when  a woman is getting ready for birth. The contractions become more intense and closer together until the final moment arrives! For those who are aware we need to start understanding what the signs are so can we prepare.

The reason I bring this up is to talk about warning signs. No I don’t believe the world is coming to an end, but there are some major changes happening. These changes are not to be ignored. I was talking with a wise man just a few weeks ago. We were talking about the massive changes in thoughts and actions that are upon us in these days.

What he said to me hit me like a ton of bricks. As we were talking on the porch he pointed out the light grayish clouds on the horizon. Then he said do you feel that change in the air? Yeah I do, it seems to be turning cooler, I said. Then he said do you feel that breeze? Yep it’s a nice break from the heat wave we have been enduring. He then point to the horizon asked another question, do you see those darkening clouds on the horizon. I simply nodded, while he pointed out the edge of a storm rolling in.

He went on to say that a field worker knows when the weather is about to turn and so does the fisherman on the lake. They both recognize that when the breeze picks up, the air gets cooler; the clouds get darker there is a storm is coming. So what do they do? They will wrap up the day’s work and cover/shelter the work or pull in the fishing lines and then get to shelter. The same goes for you. You see the danger on the horizon; you understand that things which cannot go on forever don’t. The things you are learning and feeling are the signs of a great storm coming.

He told me, that the field worker and fisherman have learned to look beyond what is going on locally. They look at and feel what is coming on the horizon. He is a wise old man. Everything he said made perfect sense. It is time to start looking at and feeling the changes on the horizon.

As I look to the horizon the storm clouds are building. The corruption in government is out of control, it is every man and woman for their selves in the process to be elected, re-elected or just flat bought out. They shake a hand in a contract while crossing the other hands fingers hoping that we will buy their lies. All for the chance to help their friends get richer and let middle and lower classes get a little poorer.

The arrogance of the elite, to think they are above us!…That we are only an expendable dollar in their wallet. They pay us to watch their kids, to protect them from street thugs, and wait on them hand and foot. All the while they crush us with more debt and violent streets to walk home on. What happens to them when we walk away? What happens when we no longer are there to do all the things can’t? They lose the machine! When we walk away; we take the machine with us! We are the gears that keep their lives working! Walk away and we win!

The Narcissistic are attacking our heritage and religions. It must be that we are wrong or our individual beliefs are old and out dated. Yep we must be re-educated in the way of their world. By damn, they must make us understand and believe they have the answers. They keep pushing and pushing. Now we should let them push and when they do it again move aside and walk away. When we do this they will fall flat on their faces. Be aware that these people are pushing because they want more control of you. We win when we walk away! We can control them with our actions not our anger! They are going to have a complete melt down of their new world as more walk away! Time is no longer on their side!

There is a ton of anger in the air and the clock is ticking http://www.usdebtclock.org/ it is just a matter of time until we start to feel the storm’s rain drops hitting our skin and the hear the crack of lighting in the distance. The signs are out there and clearly written and posted. The storm clouds are building what are you doing about it?

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