What if we are looking at

What if we are seeing strategic collapse of the US happening now?

Okay so I want to look at the Destruction of the US and the intentional collapse of the USD from the TPTB points of view. What would the need to do to accomplish this? Have they done anything to get the ball rolling on this? If they have where are we in the planned collapse? What kind of supporting information do we have?

I know that we all get wrapped up in chasing the silver side of the coin. I watch the markets everyday looking for huge gains to signal, beyond a shadow of a doubt that the end of the dollar has arrived. We all can get sucked into the silver shine and become blind to other things that are happening by just following one side of the coin.

I would like to look at this through fresh eyes. So let me start with a different way to deconstruct the coming collapse. This will be a look at the collapse as a scrapping of a country and what it would take by TPTB. They would need to get all the pieces into place just like a chess game. This in my eyes has already happened.

The Major pieces are Economy, Currency, New currency (or new world reserve note), Military infrastructure and training, Control of the mindset of populace, Legal right to control the populace as needed and someone in power to control the selloff. Once these steps are done then you will have the ability to scrap the current system and bring in the new one.

Let’s start with setting up the military and getting them ready.

Sun Tzu; It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles; if you do not know your enemies but do know yourself, you will win one and lose one; if you do not know your enemies nor yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle. 

If you were to try to control the US you will need to be ready. The military would need to be trained and ready. If the populace rose in opposition you could have major issues with Continuity of Government. The US has the most armed citizens in the world by a long shot. Your procedures would need to be perfect before the collapse happens. What should you do to make sure they are ready?

1st you would need to feed the military complex with fresh arms, training opportunities and money. They would need to be up to the task of controlling or managing the largest armed country in the world. They would need to have plenty of experience in an urban area and open country.  Now when you know that you have learned proper civilian control measures, new reconnaissance lessons against a rebel force and your force is fully armed with Fresh weapons.

Above all else you would need a place to take rebel rouser’s.  You would need to re-educate them before they could be release back into the populace.

Do these camps exist? Where are these camps?


Now that these camps are in place you what do you think?

Back to military operations and building the Gears of war. The only way to do this is by picking a fight with a lesser foe that you could manage the loss of life of, while training. This also would get the Money and support/approval of the populace for the building of the military machine. One problem is this cannot be an unprovoked attack on your target. You need to get someone to punch you so hard the populace will support your game plan.

I believe this was done through the 9/11 attack. I will not go into who is responsible for the attack because it is of no concern at this point. The attack worked to push the populace into an angered state of revenge. The populace gave the approval to TPTB and the 1st step was complete.

The US went to war in Afghanistan for 9.11. This area has mountains, arid landscapes and farms just like the Main Land of the US. This is the perfect area to work and train in for stabilizing the US Soil. You have an armed and rebellious populace. These people would act the same way angry people in the US would act. They would also create an underground network to continue to disrupt the larger force. This is a perfect practice field to fine tune your plans for dominance and control.

Next we go to war with Iraq. Talk about the perfect urban environment to train your forces in. You have to move your military a great distance to get in the battle. You have the large urban areas for door to door training. Everything you would run into in a major us city is in that country. This is the perfect training area for urban control and check points. Practice makes perfect, right…? Why not use the least liked enemy of the US as a training ground.  You kill 2 birds with 1 stone on this one. You also learn what it will take to rebuild a destroyed country and install a new government. I think the proof is in the pudding here.

2nd you would need to erode the confidence of your enemy. This could be done with crushing them by over taxing the economy, aggressively expanding the nation’s debt and diluting the monetary system. We have seen the cost of 2 wars and an ever expanding military complex. We also have seen government spending skyrocket. After the 2008 crash we have been doing nothing but spending, printing money and degrading our credit. This is a very effect way to destroy a countries confidence.

You would also need to dis-illusion and confuse the populace. You need to make them feel  hopeless and fearful. You do this by passing laws that go after the rights of the people, destroy their savings, take their homes and remove the opportunity for a stable way of life. This has been put in place with the passing of the Ndaa, patriot act, tsa, dhs and many other laws/agencies that have taken away the rights of the people. You would also need to close up the free money housing bubble, they did this in 08. You would need to take away jobs and homes to remove hope. This also goes hand in hand with a pys op that would make people believe everything is looking better and they can’t find a job because of the lack of their education and laziness. What a perfect play; are you seeing a pattern yet?

Now that you have completed the 1st few steps you would need to work on a new reserve currency. So let’s look at that. Okay one thing, the new currency would need to be backed by gold and a strong economy. Where would you find that amount of gold and economy? Let’s look at China for a possibility. What has china been doing with gold over the last decade and how strong is their economy?


China has increased their gold reserves from 12.67 million oz’s in 2000 to about 40 million oz’s in 2011. They have also more than doubled the purchasing of Metric tons in every month in 2012. Something is up!

They also have the strongest economy next to the US in the world right now. It seems real easy to put things together now.

China, Russia and other Asian countries have been working towards a new reserve currency according to some Alternative news sources. They also have slowed down purchasing of US Bonds.

Okay so we now understand that this is a possible movement towards a new currency backed by China. Everything is coming together nicely at this point.

To sum up what I am saying. We have a trained military ready to take control when the collapse happens. The economy stalled right when they needed it to. They let the current pres run the debt up to the point of no return. They set him up to go down in history as the pres who could not see the forest through the tree because he was cocky. China has had the time to secure the gold needed to start a new reserve currency and develop the needed economic strength to handle the transfer of power. All the chess pieces are in place all they need is a king to lock up the check mate move.

To get the last piece in place you need to get someone in the OPUS who is an expert on hiding profits and dismantling large corporations. You would need someone who has a long and successful track record on sucking the life blood and profits out of a dying business. Someone who will sell off the Us to the banker elites and surrender to the plan of a one world currency/order.  I think we have that someone running for office right now that just might fit these needs. I will let you do the research on this yourself.  This person will be given full control of the final stage of the US  dismantling now that every piece on the chess board is in position and ready for the final checkmate move. I fear we will see the game come to an end soon.

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