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You might be a prepper if...

Happy 2012! We hope that you had a good Christmas and a wonderful and safe New Year. As you may have noticed, we took some time off between the two holidays but we’re back at it now that the new year is upon us.

We thought it might be a fun way to kick off the new year to poke a little fun at ourselves as preppers.  To the unconvinced, our lifestyle and financial choices are unusual.  So Joe and I came up with some things that definitely tag us as preparedness-minded people.

  1. If you open your linen closet and bags of beans fall off the shelf and hit you on the head, you might be a prepper.
  2. If you have 46,843 Band-aids in plain, fabric, latex-free, extra large, Toy Story, Scooby-Doo, and Dora themes, you might be a prepper.
  3. If you own 2 dozen cloth diapers… and have no…

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